Self Service Covid 19 Surface Testing

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qPCR Coronavirus COVID-19 Surface Testing


self service qPCR COVID-19 Surface Testing

TestingforCovid19 UK / Surface Testing UK can provide 1-2 day results on the virus’s presence on any surface. Our new testing capabilities allow companies to have their workplaces tested for suspected Coronavirus COVID-19 contamination and hospital wards or equipment checked to ensure the relevant cleaning processes are providing sufficient disinfection.

TestingforCovid19 UK / Surface Testing UK are partnering with one of the first laboratories in Europe providing an environmental surface COVID-19 identification service. Our Partner’s laboratory is located in Staffordshire and consists of a purpose built virology test suite and a separate UKAS accredited water/environmental sample test laboratory.

How the Test Works?

A swab that has been denaturised (all DNA removed) will be sent to the facility with an ice pack and a cool box for transportation. The swab will be used to test surfaces that are likely to be of a high risk to Coronavirus COVID-19 contamination. These are hard surfaces that are often touched. The surfaces should be visually clean to avoid too much contamination with dust and dirt that might impact the result. These surface descriptions will be noted on the test result certificate.

  • Desks
  • Door handles
  • Keyboards
  • Touchscreens
  • Surfaces and instruments in medical and healthcare wards

Sampling and Shipping of Samples

TestingforCovid19 UK / Surface Testing UK will supply a swab in Viral Transport Media and a cool box with re-useable ice packs for shipping. Please adhere by the following guidelines when sampling the surface of choice:

  • Don supplied gloves, remove supplied vial screw cap (hold lid in other hand, don’t put down), swab the desired area of testing.
  • Place the swab back into the viral transport media and secure the cap.
  • All swabbed surface descriptions should be recorded on the vial and provided Lab Request Form.
  • Store at 2-5°C (this prevents the breakdown of COVID-19 pre-testing).
  • When shipping the sample back to us, place the vial in the provided cool box with the supplied ice-pack which has been stored in the freezer.
  • Return the cool box using TNT next day courier (instructions below).

Once your order has been sent you will be directly contacted by our Customer Support Team with Further Information along with Information regarding Booking the Collection of your Test Samples.

Testing and Reporting

At our partners UKAS accredited laboratory the samples will be tested using a qPCR system. Note that due to the recent introduction of the COVID test it is currently not part of our UKAS scope of accreditation. However, the test and equipment has been accepted by the MHRA as a suitable PCR test and is widely used by the NHS to test human samples.

The qPCR process looks for COVID-19 RNA in the sample media. It is highly accurate test in which it specifically detects strands of COVID 19. The test will return a level of COVID-19 found on the swabs accurate to 20 strands of RNA due to dilution of the sample during testing.

Our Laboratory Parnters look to report the results within 2 days of the test samples arriving at our laboratory. The test results will be sent by email. Results will indicate the presence or absence of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the areas tested by the customer.


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